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481982481-Plumbing ServicesAt A Step Above Plumbing, we can help you create a more energy-efficient home, rental unit, or work place. We offer the following plumbing services to help your property become a more efficient and less expensive place to live or work:

  1. Fixing Leaks. Not only are leaks annoying, but they can become expensive. A faucet or pipe that is dripping one drip per second can waste 34 gallons of water each year, which really adds up, not to mention any damage that may be caused by the dripping.
  2. Fixture Installation. We can install low-flow showerheads or faucets. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, changing your fixtures can save you 25-60% on your water bills.
  3. Water Heater Installation. Our plumbing services experts can either replace your storage heater or install a tankless water heater to meet your needs. Even if you still want a storage heater, these need to be replaced every 10-15 years to maintain full efficiency.
  4. Toilet Installation. Older toilets may use up to 7 gallons a flush. Low-flush toilets can do the same job with 1.3 gallons a flush. Water conservationist George Whalen believes you can save $100 a year by switching your toilet to a low flush.

Other things you can do to become more efficient: Use less hot water. Take shorter showers. Run your dishwasher only when it is fully loaded & only run full batches of laundry. Don’t run your sprinklers on rainy days. Don’t plant plants that need exorbitant amounts of water. This stuff is up to you. But for the rest, call us at A Step Above Plumbing for expert plumbing services. Spending a little money now will save you a lot of money in the future (and save the planet, too!)