4 Signs You Need Commercial Pipe Repair

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Plumbing can break down over time simply from regular use, and catching issues early will help protect your plumbing and minimize facility downtime due to leaks or floods.

4 Signs You Need Commercial Pipe Repair

Here are four signs it’s time to call a professional for commercial pipe repair in your building.

  1. Loss of Water Pressure. A loss of water pressure throughout your building may mean there is a leak or a clog somewhere in your pipes. Unattended leaking or clogging in pipes can lead to water damage or flooding, so calling in a professional is the best way to avoid more serious plumbing issues.
  2. Unexpected, Unexplained Increase in Water Bills. If your water bill increases suddenly without any known cause or explanation for increased water usage, it could mean that there is a leak somewhere in your pipes that a professional will need to locate and repair promptly.
  3. Visible Pipe Damage or Leaks. Worn-out pipes show visible signs such as discoloration, dents, or flakes. If you notice these signs of wear or have a leaking pipe, it’s time to call a commercial pipe repair professional to inspect the pipes and replace damaged or worn-out sections.
  4. Discolored or Foul-Smelling Water. The presence of rust or corrosion in your pipes often leads to discolored water coming out of the faucets. Likewise, blockages, buildups, or sewer leaks can cause unpleasant odors in drains. If you notice a foul odor or your water turns brown, yellow, or orange in color, it’s time to call a professional to check your pipes.

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