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Clogged DrainUnderstanding what causes clogged drains will help you to prevent clogs and diagnose clogs as they occur. The following is a list of common clogged drain culprits:

  1. Hair. Avoid washing hair down the drain. Keep a garbage can near showers and the bathroom vanity so hair can be thrown away instead of washed down the drain. Once it starts collecting in drains, it catches more hair and all the other junk that comes down the drain
  2. “Paper” Products. Even though they look like toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, and baby wipes can easily clog toilet drains. They are made to be stronger and not break down with water. Baby wipes will make it through a hot clothes wash with an extra rinse, followed by a long dry cycle, without falling apart. They are pretty indestructible and won’t break down in the pipe.
  3. Feminine Hygiene Products. These should never be flushed, even if they claim to be flushable.
  4. Tree Roots. Trees love to eat everything that flows through plumbing. And the problem with tree roots is that once they are in, they will grow and grow and grow. Roots are usually in your exterior pipes, but they can create back-ups that flow right back into your house.
  5. Toys. Or your keys, your cell phone, the TV remote . . . in other words, whatever the toddler can get his hands on. Install child locks on your toilet seat if necessary to keep the curiosity at bay.
  6. Grease. Avoid pouring grease down the sink because grease will coat your pipes. Keep a small can that you can pour grease into while still hot, and after it cools and hardens, throw it in the trash.

If you do have a clogged drain, get it dealt with by our licensed and professional team of plumbers at A Step Above Plumbing, serving the Lithia, Florida area.