Clearing Up the Confusion about Clogged Drains

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When you are faced with a clogged drain, it can be a frustrating or even frightening experience. While a slowly-draining shower is more of an annoyance, a sink or toilet that is clogged to the point of water spilling over is able to damage your home. Here at A Step Above Plumbing Inc., we want to clear out any confusion that you might have regarding clogged drains. We thought we would take this moment to share some helpful information on the topic.

Clearing Up the Confusion about Clogged Drains

First, there are many different ways to clear a clogged drain, but one of your best options is to prevent clogs in the first place. Place strainers/drain catchers over your drains. Small, metal mesh options can help prevent physical objects, hair and even lint from going down your drain and creating clogs.

Second, a clogged drain should be taken care of quickly, usually before water is unable to get through. Flushing your pipes on a regular basis with very hot water can be helpful, and a variety of options for slight clogs can be helpful. Consider using vinegar and baking soda followed by a flushing of hot water, a plunger, or a drain snake.

Finally, know when you need to call a plumber. Plunging incorrectly can actually force air into the pipes which can be damaging. If the water is completely blocked or you are unable to see success from the other methods, contact plumbing professionals like ours.

We hope that this information has been beneficial. If you have additional questions, please contact us today!