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There is a reason why one of the things you should always do when checking out a home to buy is turn on some faucets. It isn’t just to make sure the water works, the water isn’t an ugly color, and the faucets are in working order, although those are important things, too. You want to see how much water pressure there is because low water pressure is very annoying. If you missed checking into this or a low water pressure plumbing issue develops later, all is not lost. There are some causes that can be resolved.

Dealing with a Low Water Pressure Plumbing Issue

The first step is determining what is causing the low pressure. It could be anything from a single fixture having an issue to something affecting your entire neighborhood. An experienced plumbing professional can investigate how widespread the plumbing issue is and look for the cause.

When it comes to one fixture having the issue, it is usually something to do with that fixture, such as the aerator on a faucet getting plugged up by sediment or something else that has flowed in with the water supply. It can also be a build-up situation caused by hard water. If this is the case, there is also the possibility for corrosion throughout part or all your home’s plumbing system, which would result in low water pressure in more than one fixture. If you have old galvanized pipe that has become corroded, the solution is re-piping, which is done with a modern material such as PEX or copper pipe.

If your entire home is affected, it can be an issue with a pressure reducing valve, backflow prevention device, or an issue with the water company. In the case of the latter, if you cannot get them to address the problem, a booster pump can be installed to increase water pressure.

If you are experiencing low water pressure plumbing issues at your home, don’t hesitate to contact us at A Step Above Plumbing Inc. We will put our experience to work locating the cause and advise you about the most effective resolution so you can get back to enjoying showers and the other benefits involved with good water pressure in your home.