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Leaky Water HeaterDo you suspect that you have a leaky water heater? Here are some helpful tips to determine if it is actually leaking and what you can do to begin resolving the problem before we can come fix your leaky water heater.

First you need to establish if the water is spraying or dripping.


  • If it is spraying from the pipes that supply water to your water heater, then you need to turn off the water right away. There may be a red valve on the pipe by itself, right above where it meets the water heater, and you can turn that clockwise to turn it off. If there is not one, then you’ll need to turn of the water supply to your entire house.
  • If it is spraying from the water heater itself, then immediately turn off the supply valve that is located right above the water heater. There is a small chance that your water heater does not have this valve, and if this is the case, then you need to turn off your water supply to your house.


  • Investigate where the source of the dripping begins. First check the drain valve and pressure relieve valve, but if neither of those is the source, check the fittings of your leaky water heater.

Once you have determined if you do have a leaky water heater and have turned off your water if necessary, give us a call at A Step Above Plumbing. We are located in Lithia, Florida and would be happy to repair your leaky water heater.