How To Fix a Running Toilet

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Most people know to jiggle a handle on a running toilet, but what happens when that doesn’t solve the problem? It might work at first, but if the toilet is constantly “on,” it could be telling you to call a plumber. If you keep jiggling the handle time and time again, you might even cause a second problem on top of the first one. Here are a few toilet repair basics to think about before making that call.

How To Fix a Running Toilet

Why Won’t My Toilet Stop Running?

There are a few reasons why toilets don’t stop running. A common problem is the height of the float inside the tank. If it’s in the wrong place, it might need to be adjusted. With older toilets, the float could be cracked. The chain in the tank could also be the wrong length and not have a good seal.

The toilet flapper inside the tank can also lead to a constantly running toilet. After you flush, the flapper is supposed to lift up and then drop down to create a seal. Older toilets might not have flappers. A long refill tube that’s suctioning out too much water from the fill valve might also lead to a never-ending running toilet.

These kinds of repairs might involve disconnecting the toilet from the water source, disconnecting valves, and removing and installing replacement parts. The parts don’t last forever, and it can get to the point where a new toilet needs to be installed.

Other Kinds of Toilet Problems

A running toilet can often be fixed easily, but it is only one category of toilet problems that a licensed plumber can help with. You might also have water pressure issues, leaks, a major clog that can’t be fixed with a plunger, or a cracked bowl or tank.

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