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While a faucet that is constantly drip, drip, dripping is hard to ignore, there are times when you might have a dripping faucet and not even know it. It could be in another bathroom that you don’t frequent as often and just might not realize, but there are other warning signs as well of a dripping faucet even if you aren’t hearing an audible drip. Here at A Step Above Plumbing Inc., we wanted to let you know of a few ways that you can spot a dripping faucet besides keeping an ear out.

you can spot a dripping faucet

  • A difference in your water bill. When you see a sudden bump in your utility bill without anything else changing, the issue might be increased water usage. Even if the bump is from one of your children leaving the water on accidentally or extra loads of laundry, it can be a good signal to check the faucets anyway.
  • Standing water or rings. Standing water in a sink that hasn’t been used recently is a good sign of a dripping faucet. If you want to be really certain, place a piece of paper in the bottom of dry sinks and come back in half an hour to see if any of them are wet.
  • Check the un-obvious places. While the sink and faucet are obvious places to check, looking into the un-obvious areas can also be helpful. Be sure to check areas like around the base of a faucet and under the sink, since these areas can drip as well.

If you need help finding a dripping faucet, give us a call here at A Step Above Plumbing Inc.!