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Dripping FaucetMost people find a dripping faucet highly irritating, but if you can put up with the noise, is it really that important to get it fixed? All faucets leak at different rates and with different amounts of water, so it’s difficult to calculate an exact volume of water lost from a dripping faucet, but one estimate is about 34 gallons of water is wasted by a faucet dripping once per minute for a year. Not only is it wasteful and bad for the environment, but a dripping faucet can really run up your water bill, too. If you fix your dripping faucet, you can save quite a bit on your monthly water bill.

Dripping faucets are relatively easy to fix and will likely be a quick and inexpensive repair job. Most dripping faucets are caused by old and worn parts. Common culprits are a corroded valve seat, a worn-out washer, worn-out seals, or broken or cracked pipes. Sometimes pieces of the plumbing system are just loose or installed improperly. A dripping faucet can be repaired just by tightening loose parts or making sure they are seated correctly so the system can be sealed off properly.

A dripping faucet should not be ignored. What should be a simple repair could turn into something more disastrous if the problem is ignored. When you call us at A Step Above Plumbing, you know you’ll get quality results at a fair price. We are pleased to offer 3 state master licenses in the company, so you know you’ll get the problem fixed right the first time. If you have a faucet that won’t stop dripping, give us a call, and we’ll get you fixed up in no time.