Residential Drain Repair Solutions

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Anyone who’s lived in a home for more than a few years has possibly handled a minor residential drain repair. You might have had a clogged-up sink or tub and either made a DIY unclogging solution (like baking soda and vinegar) or used a store-bought product. However, if the problem is something more serious or keeps happening repeatedly, you’ll want to contact a plumber who specializes in residential drain repair services.

Residential Drain Repair Solutions

Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Damage Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners might work in a pinch, but since they contain caustic ingredients, they could eat away at your pipes over time if you use them too often. It’s never a good idea to pour these products into toilets either because the tanks and bowls drain slowly. The caustic liquid could cause additional damage, besides harming your pipes.

Signs That You Need a Plumber for Residential Drain Repair

There are a few red flags that indicate the need for professional residential drain repair:

  • Repeated clogs: If you’ve dried DIY unclogging and the problem keeps coming back, you need professional help.
  • Bad smells: If the drain has a fishy or musty odor, these smells could be signs of a backed-up sewer system. Don’t keep camouflaging it with baking soda because you could be masking a very serious plumbing issue.
  • Standing water: A need for residential drain repair can sometimes be realized if you have standing water in your backyard or inside your sinks and tubs. Debris can get stuck in pipes and build up over time.
  • Strange sounds: When water doesn’t drain properly, it can make an odd gurgling sound. This is the sound of air bubbles releasing when water slowly passes through blockages. The clog could be in your pipes or your main sewer system.

If you suspect that a serious residential drain repair is needed, contact us today.