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Running Toilet in Lithia, FloridaYou do your business, flush your toilet, and walk away. You expect it to fill up in a timely fashion and turn off, only that doesn’t happen. It runs and runs, and you can see your water bill getting higher and higher. Fortunately, it is often pretty easy to fix a running toilet. Check out some tips for fixing a running toilet. Then, once your toilet is fixed, you’ll have peace of mind and a cheaper water bill.

  • Check the Flapper- The flapper is often the culprit of a running toilet. Get out a stick and use it to push down on the flapper when the water is running. If the water stops running when you push down on the flapper, you’ll know that the flapper needs to be replaced because there is a problem with the seal. Replace the flapper, and your toilet will stop running.
  • Check the Fill Valve- If it isn’t the flapper, check the fill valve to see if it has a leak. Flush the toilet and lift the float arm when the tank refills. When the water fills to 1 inch below the top of the overflow pipe, bend the float arm. If the toilet is still running, you need to replace the fill valve.

These are a couple of ways to fix a running toilet without professional help. If you still have a running toilet after trying these options, contact us at A Step Above Plumbing. You might have a more serious problem, and we can provide serious results. No job is too big for our team!