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Toilet Repair in Lithia, Florida

Your home’s toilets are one of the most essential items you have. You can survive without most appliances, but not this one. Your toilets use about 40% of the water that comes into your home, which can be substantially higher if you have a running toilet. Many of the problems you can encounter with your toilet can be remedied yourself – such as using a plunger for a simple clog. However, others can be more complicated. Let’s address toilet repair issues so that they aren’t as much a mystery as to why they are happening.

One mystery you might encounter is a weak flush. You notice that you just aren’t getting the amount of water that you used to, and you find yourself needing to use the plunger more often. The main cause for this problem is clogging of the jets, usually from hard water deposits. It can also be that your toilet has reached the end of its lifespan. Contrary to popular belief, they do not last forever.

Noticing water around your toilet is never a good thing. This problem can mean a number of things, including a leaking gasket between the tank and the bowl or a wax seal that has become damaged or has decayed. Leaks can undermine the integrity of the floor and lead to costly repairs, so this toilet repair should not be delayed.

Odd noises are another mystery you may encounter. If you flush the toilet and hear suction sounds coming from another fixture in the bathroom, such as the tub, shower or sink, this is usually a problem with the vent pipe, which is designed to release sewer gas. If this gas cannot go where it was being directed, it can create suction in other areas.

If you are in the need of toilet repair services in the Lakeland, Florida area, call our professionals at A Step Above Plumbing Inc. We will take care of the problem so that this very vital component of your home is back in business again