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If you are in the process of purchasing an existing residential or commercial property, you have already been advised by your real estate agent that you should have a professional inspection done. It is far better to learn of any defects while there is still time to negotiate who is going to pay for resolving them. Most buyers tend to go with an inspector who looks at all systems of the property, but there are some good reasons why you might want to call a plumbing company for a specialized inspection in addition to the general inspection.

Why You Should Call a Plumbing Company Before Closing on a Property

  • Determine Cost to Resolve- If the general inspection has indicated some plumbing issues, you’ll need a plumbing company to give you an accurate estimate to resolve the problem, so you know what to discuss in terms of compensation from the seller.
  • Second Opinion- The older the property is, the more chance for an existing problem to be missed. It never hurts to put a second set of eyes on the task, especially when the second set is a plumbing company with years of experience, specifically in the plumbing industry.
  • As Is Properties- If you are buying a property “as is” where the seller will not enter into negotiations regardless of what defects are found, it is still important for you to know the costs involved with any plumbing issues so you can make the determination whether the property is actually suitable for your needs.
  • Upgrade Estimate- Old pipes may still be functional but not exactly what you want to have in place for the long term. Calling a plumbing company to discuss upgrade costs before you close also helps you determine whether you are getting in over your head or beyond the investment you feel comfortable making.

If you would like to have a plumbing company check out a residential or commercial property for you, give us a call at A Step Above Plumbing Inc. We would be happy to assist you with all your plumbing needs, from before day one of ownership to as long as you own the property. Call today to learn more or schedule any of our plumbing services.